More than a seasonless shirt

Jupe by Jackie's signature shirt collection combines boyish characteristics , elegant female shapes, well balanced colour combinations and high quality fabrics.
Jackie loves this, easy matching palette of crispy mostly white and light blue shirts. Various shapes and collars, all of them with the unique hand embroidered details that undoubtedly are making the difference.


  • Placeholder for Howe SQHowe SQ
  • Placeholder for Louise SQLouise SQ
  • Placeholder for Koons SQKoons SQ
  • Placeholder for Juhl SQJuhl SQ
  • Placeholder for Grid collars SQGrid collars SQ

Esprit White; work in progress

Please witness the elaborate Zardosi embroidery technique.

The craft of hand embroidery is intricate. As a top athlete, the embroidery artist has to start mastering his skills at the very young age of 10, if he wants to become a professional later on in future.
His skin has to stay baby soft to feel the nerves in his fingers that guide the needle

Because of all the various stitches and the speed needed , the traject to become a master is long , taking almost 15 years to reach full blossom. Deep respect.

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