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Specializing in hand embroidered fashion, accessories and home ware, Jupe by Jackie was founded in 2010 by Dutch designer Jackie Villevoye. Jackie fell in love with the traditional hand embroidery of Uttar Pradesh in northern India, - and sought to provide a wider platform for the craftsmen of this region, helping them gain the global renown they deserve.

The tradition around hand-embroidery in India goes back centuries, as the knowledge and skillset is passed down from generation to generation. Coupled with Jackie’s unique design sensibilities and use of top-quality materials from Italy, Switzerland and Japan, this fresh approach to classic embroidery has brought international attention to the brand and spurred collaborations with the likes of Comme des Garçons, Drakes amongst others.

Instead of following the cyclical fast fashion trends, Jupe by Jackie strives to making garments and accessories that are timeless in style. Embroidery by hand is an ancient craft - and what we strive is to be the counterweight to mass produced fabrics. “I wish all my clients could have the opportunity to look just 15 minutes behind the scenes in Uttar Pradesh," Jackie says. "The work is very intricate, time consuming and done with a lot of patience and passion.”

Jackie believes that the goods her brand produces are intrinsically ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Committed to a non-seasonal design approach where each garment or accessory holds perennial appeal, Jupe by Jackie not only delivers exceptional craftsmanship and individuality, but enduring wearability and value for money.

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