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House by Jackie



Hand Embroidery for elegance and character.

I met Jackie a few years ago.

We clicked immediately. A shared passion for Interior design.

She showed me an exceptional collection of hand embroidered textiles with beautiful patterns, and original characters. Craftsmanship top notch; a century old tradition applied in a refreshing way with contemporary use of colours and designs. Jackie posseses a great feeling for style. Individuality shines through her work. Richly decorated cushions and plaids, but also subtlety on the collar of a shirt or blouse.

She is exceptional and adventurous with her energy and enthusiasm. Away from the mainstream and the masses; innovative and inspiring.

Sometimes Jackie is unreachable for months, because then she is in India with 'her' people. Her team of craftsmen. Men who have mastered embroidery at the highest level and will pass it on to their sons.

The design is magically transferred to the material. Up and down, that's how the soul comes up. In this extraordinary partnership, she takes the craft of embroidery to another dimension, away from the nostalgic corner. With every presentation you get greedy with so much beauty and Jackie has already disappeared on the way to a new adventure.

- Just Haasnoot

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Making of the Boomerang chair

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"The confidence of Dutch textile and fashion designer Jackie Villevoye in creating a home that is both high impact and highly individual. For me, the best interiors reflect the personality and interests of their owners and, on the whole, none do so more than those of a designer."

- House & Garden UK, Sept. issue '22

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