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Think big and ask!

#MAKEITYOUROWN is what we love best

Placeholder for Short or long sleeveShort or long sleeve

Change short sleeves into long sleeves

As each Jupe by Jackie piece starts at an embroidery screen, we have the unique opportunity to make changes in your selected piece.

If you love the piece , shown here with short , puffy, or three quarter sleeves, and you prefer long sleeves then there is no problem at all to execute accordingly.

Ask for the the small extra price we charge for this customisation

Placeholder for Lenght skirt dressLenght skirt dress

Shorten or lenghten the skirt or dress

No woman the same. If the measurement chart learns you that a certain length won't fit for your body then do not hesitate to ask us to make it work for you. Lengthen or shorten, both ways! If there is no extra embroidery involved, we will execute your request against no extra charges.

Placeholder for Add sleevesAdd sleeves

Add sleeves to a sleeveless dress or top

Jackie loves the sleeveless look, but understands very well there are women who prefer the long sleeves.

Happy to inform that most of these pieces will qualify for this request.

We will inform you about the extra costs without any obligation ofcourse.

Placeholder for Different collarsDifferent collars

Change the collar

Jupe by Jackie has a lot of lovers in Asia, who love the round girly collar. But..... if you change that "sweet" collar into a square- or even more pointy collar, the piece will change dramatically.

From stylish to sporty, from girlish to rock and role. Simple customisations against no extra costs.

Jackie Loves these transformations , paying all the respect to the embroidery that easily addepts to these twists.

Placeholder for Change base colorChange base color

Change the base colour or embroidery colour

White into black; black into White. The easy one.

Most women know exactly which colours work best.

While opting for other colours keep in mind that for fabric base colour adjustments there are certain options and for embroidery colour adjustments the possibilities are ENDLESS.

Enjoy this process of choosing because without doubt the outcome will surprise you.

Placeholder for More or less womenMore or less women

Less embroidery

This tool of diminshing the amount of embroidery in order to achieve a drop in the price is a wonderful tool.

Be assured that the quality of the work, with less embroidery, will stay the same because each touch of embroidery we add is magical already.

Jackie will make sure that the new placement will be in order / in the right proportion.

Inform the Jupe by Jackie team what exactly you have in mind and a great solution will be there for you.

Good to know

Little changes ( extra length e.g. ) we will execute against no extra costs. When there are significant changes in more or less embroidery it will afffect the price. Also note that bespoke pieces have a longer delivery time up to three weeks and deviating return conditions.

Ask for more details

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