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Bespoke Interior


For professional clients ( hotel and
installations ) as well as individual clients ( home and yachting) Jupe

by Jackie offers a bespoke service for one-off pieces, realising lots

of character.


Placeholder for Fringe or pipingFringe or piping

Choose a fringe or piping border

Jackie loves the completion of a fringe, but knows that handmade fringes make the cushion more costly.

If you love a specific design but the price is too high, simply ask to leave out the fringe and to change it for a piping.

80 euro's for that adjustment we will take of your price.

Placeholder for Change base colorChange base color

Change the base colour or embroidery colour

Matching, matching , matching.

Don't stroll around for days to search for that specific colour you are missing in your interior.

At Jupe by Jackie we have colours that limit the sky.

Come in contact and let's find together that most perfect colour splash on your cushion , throw or tablecloth.

Placeholder for Size throwSize throw

Change the size of a throw or tablecloth

On request we will make your specific size you have in mind for a throw and/ or tablecloth.

Let's talk about your specific measurement and price you have in mind and

we will embroider it afterwards according to your wishes.

Placeholder for Size cushionSize cushion

Change the size of a cushion

Home is where the heart is.

More than fashion, interior asks for the right choiches belonging to each individual style.

Make sure the size of the cushion fits your bed, sofa or chair. We will make it accordingly

And don't forget there is the option of a big Japanese style floor cushion. A piece of art.

Select the design you love best and start our conversation.

Placeholder for More or less cushionMore or less cushion

Less embroidery

This tool of diminshing the amount of embroidery in order to achieve a drop in the price is a wonderful tool.

Be assured that the quality of the work, with less embroidery, will stay the same because each touch of embroidery we add is magical already.

Jackie will make sure that the new placement will be in order / in the right proportion.

Inform the Jupe by Jackie team what exactly you have in mind and a great solution will be there for you.

Placeholder for Upholstery chairUpholstery chair

Give your vintage chair a new jacket

Customised upholstery. It's not complicated at all.

That old vintage chair you have and love, we can turn into an art piece.

Find your Stanley knife and cut the upholstery at the last edges and send it to Jupe by Jackie.

It's the new pattern we will work out. But first let's talk about base fabric, design, colours and price. Step by Step.

It will be fun!

Good to know

Little changes ( extra length e.g. ) we will execute against no extra costs. When there are significant changes in more or less embroidery it will afffect the price. Also note that bespoke pieces have a longer delivery time up to four weeks and deviating return conditions.

Ask for more details.

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