Sitting Ducks

Jupe by Jackie has launched a collection of vintage re-upholstered armchairs that are groundbreaking in several respects. The project was set up out of love for chairs, love for craft and last but not least love for the planet. The world is populated by many more chairs than people: a multiple of 7.5 billion. That is why Sitting Ducks deliberately focuses on armchairs that already have a life behind them.

They were discarded because interiors simply change; picked up again simply because interiors need change. In their second life they convey a powerful message: “if you want to change the world, start with yourself”. From the same endeavor, the Sitting Ducks chairs are also a playful commentary on themselves. With a certain eccentric flair, they reflect on their own frame, on the era in which they were born or on a phenomenon such as “men’s and ladies’ armchairs”. Above all, they oppose the idea that the construction and upholstery of a chair are two separate worlds. The architectural as well as graphic character of the Sitting Ducks collection is the result of rich and complex craftsmanship practiced at the highest level.

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Beyond Beauty.

Creating lace by hand.

Have a look at chair Campaign...Lucky Duck

* This embroidery design for the chair Campaign has been sold, but not to worry...

Study #Makeityourown/interior and give your

vintage chair a new jacket. We will be there for you to make it happen.

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