The beauty of things

The challenge to bring an ongoing collection of high quality mohair and knitted wool scarves is what Jackie moves.

Cozy fashion pieces, that honour craft and design. Unseasonless and genderless

Use as your portable coat or wrap yourself into it, on colder summer nights.

  • Placeholder for Settler Sc Willemijn 1648 PSettler Sc Willemijn 1648 P
  • Placeholder for Rose Sc Willemijn 1580 PRose Sc Willemijn 1580 P
  • Placeholder for Elwick Sc Willemijn 1387 PElwick Sc Willemijn 1387 P

Tepapa for coolness

The embroidery on this mohair Tepapa willl puzzle you

You are looking at the backside of the work.

The reason..... the trick of the trade...

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