Beyond Beauty

The interesting designs on the Jupe by Jackie skirts are simply said "the print" made by hand.

And just this makes that each time a design comes to completion , we all become silent.

Far from simple. Originality by craft. Beyond Beauty!


Skirts can be made shorter/ longer or we can diminsh the amount of embroidery to optain a lower price so you wish.

  • Placeholder for SALE aankondiging Nov 23 PSALE aankondiging Nov 23 P
  • Placeholder for Ramirez SK Brig red Anne LouiseRamirez SK Brig red Anne Louise
  • Placeholder for Beddo 00220 3 PBeddo 00220 3 P
  • Placeholder for White dots I Salin SK black 2 Willemijn 6636 PWhite dots I Salin SK black 2 Willemijn 6636 P


Jackie Loves Beddo.

The more original the more beautiful.

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