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Stunning white skirt made of a fine cotton . The black graphic interesting embroidery is all made by hand.

Fixed innerlining.

We have a limited quantity per size in stock.

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5-7 working days

If you like this style but the price is too high, please request the Bespoke variant with less details to lower the price.

There is a bespoke option to make this skirt in black

Request your customisation


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Less embroidery

This tool of diminshing the amount of embroidery in order to achieve a drop in the price is a wonderful tool.

Be assured that the quality of the work, with less embroidery, will stay the same because each touch of embroidery we add is magical already.

Jackie will make sure that the new placement will be in order / in the right proportion.

Inform the Jupe by Jackie team what exactly you have in mind and a great solution will be there for you.

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1 - Waist circumference7074788286
2 - Length8686868686
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