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In 1959, Swedish designer Karl Erik Ekselius designed a lounge chair for the Dutch firm Pastoe. He made a high version for men and a lower version for women. This copy is conceived as a playful commentary on that phenomenon. In the men’s armchair, the seat for Ekselius’s wife Astrid Inga is marked by white lines.

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Give your vintage chair a new jacket

Customised upholstery. It's not complicated at all.

That old vintage chair you have and love, we can turn into an art piece.

Find your Stanley knife and cut the upholstery at the last edges and send it to Jupe by Jackie.

It's the new pattern we will work out. But first let's talk about base fabric, design, colours and price. Step by Step.

It will be fun!



For specific measurements or size requests, please get in touch.

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